200 Years Ago the Sky Fell

The great ring known as the Life Gate that had hung around the planet since the beginning of time shattered. Shards of broken crystal and burning meteorite crashed and changed the planet’s surface. Cosmic dust incubated in the vacuum of space for millions of years permeated the atmosphere and everything changed. The knowledge of thousands of years of mortal toil and ingenuity was lost in the span of just a few years.

In its place arose something new. Things that should not have been possible were made possible. The rules of physics and science that governed the world prior were made malleable and uncertain. People developed new powers of magic never known before.

The elves, old and wise, were the first to harness the power of the arcane, which no human could have accomplished in their lifetime without the instruction of others. It was humans, however, that really took the magic and made their own once the way was shown to them, and in 3 generations the greatest wizards dwell in the cities of mankind. The trade of the artificer is a common one in human cities, where the remaining technology of the past is blended with the arcane promise of the future.

The orcs of plains were the first to discover the power primal. Thousands of years of totem and ancestral worship gained new life as those powers answered back for the first time in accounted history. Ornate and complex cities were molded out of the very trees and the orcs prospered with this newfound power.

Another power source was generated amongst the faithful who held onto religion during the troubled time. They found the ability to heal through magic and great missions were sent throughout the world to heal the sick and rebuild the faith amongst the population.

And recently, among the latest generation since the Gate fell, powers of the mind and body have been unlocked as well, though little is known or understood about them and many are those who doubt the power is any different from other magic.

This is a world of unknowns. What was once tame is no longer understood. The mass transportation systems of the last age are all but gone, and only the long-lived races still remember much from that time. The world is ripe for a new generation of explorers to rediscover, though untold dangers doubtlessly wait for them over every new horizon.

Steampunk In Progress